• Meiji Techno Hd2600T, Color Hd 6Mp Sony Cmos 1/1.8
Meiji Techno Hd2600T, Color Hd 6Mp Sony Cmos 1/1.8

Meiji Techno Hd2600T, Color Hd 6Mp Sony Cmos 1/1.8" Chip Camera

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The HD2600T is full featured 6 MP camera with a 1/1.8” CMOS chip Color Camera

A 0.7X C rdquo mount adapter MA151/35/20 is needed to attach it to any standard Meiji Techno America Trinocular Microscope

Core Technology I Real time depth-of-field fusion General microscopes focus only on shallow depth planes

Core Technology II Real-time Image Stitching Due to limited field of view, in order to obtain large-field images in the past, it was necessary to perform postprocessing on multiple static images in different positions

Features of the Camera Intelligent 12-bit ISP color reproduction Real time depth of field fusion Real time image stitching Real time fluorescence image synthesis and editing HDR image synthesis Micro-imaging based intelligent automatic exposure Smart Measurement workflow Implements multiple iterations of workflow execution Supports single shot, integral camera, delayed camera Automatic video and delay video generation Output format selection User parameter group save and load Dynamic / static measurement, layered measurement Supports measuring gauges, layers, precision, naming, style Implements drawing Data export as TXT or Excel Report generation and printing Automatic set of exposure, color scale, white balance Manual

Innovative Interface, Workflow-Based Design, with a Dramatically Improved User Experience From the user's point of view, taking into account the best operating procedures, through modular design, redefining the image acquisition - editing - measurement - report output workflow process

Just one click, stitching effect is immediate with a mosic frame up to 10000x10000 resolution.

Mosaic 2.0 core breaks out real-time image stitching, which can generate mosiac images while moving the stage

Mosaic V 2.0 revolutionizes the real-time depth of field fusion which produces perfect results just by turning the focus ring to switch the depth

Reason, the operation is difficult and cumbersome

Shutter Mode is Rolling

The HD2600T can be mounted directly to PC via USB 3.0 connectivity, with this the user can access menus that provide all the features of the camera

The HD2600T features a full 3072 H x 2048 V resolution, which provides high fidelity images with a refresh rate of 40 fps 6MP frames per second when connected via USB 3.0, so there is absolutely no lag in the live video feed when moving your specimen or part

The inclusion of Meiji techno's latest mage process algorithm, greatly saves the operating time, effectively improving productivity

To acquire large depth-of-field images, multiple static images of different focal points need to be post-processed

The true color in the eyepiece, whether it is a biological bright field, stereo or fluorescence image